Dr. Adil Baguirov

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Dr. Adil Baguirov

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I was running for the Montgomery County Recorder because:

1) I have real estate business experience, as an investor and a Realtor, have been a notary public and affiliated with a local realty - all of which are directly relevant to the County Recorder position;

2) I'm a local business owner who knows how wasteful and inefficient county government is - and how to improve it and help residents and local businesses instead of stifling their growth and success;

3) and because I actually fought to significantly improve a long-neglected largest local school district - where I lead the way to make unprecedented improvements in financial accountability and transparency, fixed the decades-long transportation problem, brought technology to the 21st century with the best 1:1 technology program anywhere in the region, and have helped avoid a looming state takeover by getting first-ever historic "A" on the state report card.

Once elected, I wanted to lead the way to improve the Recorder's office as well as promote the same fiscal accountability and transparency on a county-level as I successfully did before on a school district-level. Montgomery County has slow recording of real estate titles, had a $9 million dollar budget shortfall in 2018 that necessitated raising of sales tax, and is the second highest taxed county in Ohio - so clearly, new leadership by an experienced, innovative, fiscally-responsible professional is desperately needed.

I was honored to have 88,444 votes and tremendous support in the November 2018 election!

Thank you,

Adil Baguirov

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